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Mizumo Music: Spring 2013 Showcase

June 15th, 2013

Mizumo Music: Spring 2013 Showcase
A Continuous Mix featuring Various Artists

This 3-hour compilation showcases some of the recent Mizumo Music catalog as of March 2013, ranging from tech house, to funky house, to electro house and breakbeat. Please note this is NOT a DJ mix – This is a studio (computer) mix using Ableton Live as programmed and engineered by DJ Denise. All songs publishing and copyright © 2013 Mizumo Music and its affiliates.


Track List:

1. Brian Knarfield “Craigslist” (Original Mix)
2. Aleks “Technician” (Original Mix)
3. Happy Colors & Edu M “Hormiga Brava” (Original Mix)
4. DJ Denise “GRE and Me” (Haveck Remix)
5. Brad Slims “Locked In Forever” (Original Mix)
6. Mac Vaughn “Sinister Minister” (Original Mix)
7. Carlos Alfonzo “Kill.Your.T.V.” (Marboc Remix)
8. DRC & DJ Denise “Bringin’ It” (Marboc Second Action Remix)
9. Art Of Hot & DRC “Desire” (Original Mix)
10. Jason Score “Boogaloo” (Nathan Phillips Remix)
11. Rob Nutek “Pop Music” (DJ Denise Remix)
12. Carlos Alfonzo “Kill.Your.T.V.” (Tommie LeRaunch Remix)
13. Zifra “Host” (Original Mix)
14. Old Fat Jacko “Tico Tico” (Original Mix)
15. Aleks “I Think It’s Time” (Brabe Remix)
16. Atomic Electrolab “Dance For Ever” (Original Mix)
17. AudioFunktion “Vintage Funk” (Felipe Avelar Remix)
18. Beto Ceba “Rebel Funk” (Original Mix)
19. Dr. Taylor “In To You” (Original Mix)
20. Felipe Avelar “Put Your Brakes On” (Original Mix)
21. Lenny Ruckus “Ants In My Pants” (Boomrock Saints Anteater Remix)
22. Fantastic Boyz “Wonk Out With Your Stonk Out” (Original Mix)
23. Tarska “UFO Contact” (Original Mix)
24. Hazardous “Killa” (Sychosis Remix)
25. Hazardous “Let’s Go” (Dub Mechanics Remix)
26. Robert Ortiz “Do You Want To Try This” (Original Mix)
27. Wobble Factory “Industrial Strength” (Original Mix)
28. Kid Wobble “Rick James” (Niko & Lyall Remix)
29. Dimension Flux “Disengage” (Original Mix)
30. DGYGZR feat. Arama Mara “Lala Pistolera” (Riggers Pistol Whipped Remix)
31. Silent J “Highwire” (Brett James Remix)
32. Robert Ortiz “Tonight’s The Night” (Donald Glaude Remix)
33. Silent J “Jailbreak” (Original Mix)
34. Kristian Black “dB Injection” (Original Mix)
35. Jason Score “Boogaloo” (Original Mix)
36. AudioFunktion “Starter Pistol” (Sychosis Remix)
37. Simon Apex & Danny Lostboy “Inception” (Original Mix)


Mizumo Music – Merchandise available on Spreadshirt

January 1st, 2013

Hello all,

Deck yourself out with Mizumo gear through our online store on Spreadshirt:


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DJ Loryn in the spotlight at Symphonic Distribution

November 15th, 2012

Symphonic Distribution has put the spotlight on DJ Loryn in their blog. Read more about this Mizumo artist here:


Remix Contest 02 – WINNERS ANNOUNCED !!!

June 15th, 2012

Hello & thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s remix contest! We left this year’s contest open to up to three winners, and once again you have proved that there is so much talent out there! This year, we chose the 3 most suitable remixes for our label. Two happened to be electro house, and the third a minimal tech house mix.

And the winners of the Mizumo Music Remix Contest 02 (2012) are…


(Electro/Fidget House)


(Electro/Acid House)


(Minimal Tech House)


Groove Man “Make Me Feel So Good” Remix Contest winners EP will be released Summer 2012, exact date TBA.

Once again, congratulations and thank you for your time and efforts!